Tartine Bakery is one of the most outstanding bakeries in San Francisco. Serving everything from rustic country bread to sweet and delicate pastries, the bakery has developed a reputation that leads hundreds of hungry people to line up at their door on Guerrero Street daily.

The good news is Tartine Manufactory has opened a second spot at 595 Alabama Street, also in the Mission. While lines may still form at this new location, at least you have a second place now to satisfy your cravings for massive buttery croissants. The menu also includes sandwiches and salads to go along with the pastries – making any possible wait more than worth it.

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This upcoming Saturday, October 22, the annual Festival of Rock Posters will take place in the Hall of Flowers in Golden Gate Park. Many older San Franciscans will find this hard to believe, but 2016 marks the 50th anniversary of the invention of the psychedelic rock poster.

These posters were an important part of the San Francisco music scene back in the day. Much like the music they were promoting, they broke all the rules and helped to create a completely new culture and experience, with its own unconventional forms of expression.

The entire world was enraptured by what was taking place in San Francisco at the time. On Saturday, you'll have a chance to see and even purchase the posters that embodied an entirely new counterculture mindset.

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Skyline -Its Friday Banner

Catch the 10th anniversary of the Treasure Island Music Festival this weekend and experience the festival on its final year on the Island. The Festival will continue to run in a different location annually, but it has not been announced where, as of yet. Tickets can be bought here and the festival will run both Saturday and Sunday. More information can be found here.

The 27th annual Potrero Hill Festival is also taking place this Saturday from 11am-4pm. The festival will take part between Wisconsin and Missouri Streets. There will be local food vendors and artists, musicians, homegrown entertainment and much more! You can get more details on the event here.


On the “Homes for Sale in San Francisco” front,

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baybridge - REV Hodgepodge Thursday

Good news for all you cyclists and pedestrians! The bike path spanning across the Eastern span of the Bay Bridge is finally completed. Don't get too excited just yet, as there are a few finishing touches to add before the path is finally open to the public, but after many delays in the process it looks like it won't be long until the path between Oakland and Yerba Buena Island finally opens.

The construction of the path has taken a couple of years, mainly due to construction delays and design tweaks. Although it is possible for cyclists to continue on to Treasure Island from Yerba Buena Island, the SFCTA is advising against it, mainly due to the road being tight and congested with people attempting to enter the freeway. Shuttle buses will be

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juneWednesday Weekend Planner

The Treasure Island Music Festival is back this weekend for it's 10th year running, and this year will be the last of the festival running as we know it. Due to a major development on the island, the festival will move to a new location in 2017, which is yet to be announced. 

The setting of the Treasure Island Festival is one of it's biggest selling points, and the organizers of the festival are ready to give the island one final send off. The music festival will run on Saturday the 15th and Sunday the 16th of October, with many many known acts performing such as Sigur Ros, Ice Cube, James Blake, Purity Ring and Glass Animals. 

There will also be shuttles running in and out of both San Francisco and the East Bay to transport spectators to the

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The Giants have won nine straight playoff elimination games in recent years, so they know the drill. Still, after losing two in Chicago, if San Francisco wins tonight against the Cubs, they've got to win two more games to take this five-games series. That's a lot of do or die.

As they like to say in sports, let's take them one game at a time. Tonight, we've got Madison Bumgarner on the mound at home, so the odds might actually be in our favor at least for this game. If we win tonight, it's one more game at AT&T Park on Tuesday, and a final game in Chicago on Thursday if necessary, and we of course hope it will be necessary.

All of this against the Chicago Cubs, a team many consider to be the best in baseball - winner of 103 games during the

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Skyline -Its Friday Banner

It's all about Fleet Week this weekend in San Francisco -  Get ready to experience the roaring of jet engines around you!

In addition to a show from the Blue Angels, the yearly festival will also consist of tours for of active navy vessels for the public, a full airshow, Coast Guard rescue demonstrations, live music and much more! The excitement will be this Friday- Sunday and you can check the full schedule for the event here.

The 2016 Ocean Beach Music and Art Festival is taking place this Saturday from 11am to 7pm on Noriega Street between 46th and 47th Ave. There will be live music across six stages, food vendors, beer gardens and much more! More information on the event can be found here. 


On the

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cityview Hodgepodge Thursday

Yesterday, Forbes released an article detailing "The Wealthiest People in America", where the top 400 billionaires and millionaires were revealed. As with previous years, Microsoft founder Bill Gates tops the polls with an impressive $81 billion. 

Out of the top 20 wealthiest people in America, 14 reside in the Bay Area. It's probably no surprise that Mark Zuckerberg comes out on top in the Bay Area, worth a whopping $55.5 billion! Right behind comes Larry Ellison of Oracle and Larry Page of Google. 

SFist has used the Forbes list and published just the Bay Area top 14. Check it out here. 

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That's right, Fleet Week is back and the City is packed with many people visiting to experience the spectacle this weekend. The event is in it's 36th year here in San Francisco and it's considered to be the nation's largest and most significant event of its kind.

The big air shows will take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, of course featuring practices and flyovers from the Blue Angels. A selection of active navy ships have also been docked at the piers, and free tours of the ships will be available throughout the weekend. Take a look at the tour schedule for the ships here.

Another "must see" over the weekend is the Humanitarian Assistance Village which will take place on the Marina Green. This event will demonstrate the U.S Military's

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2 - Foodie Tuesday Banner april16

If you live in San Francisco, you will know that for many, brunch is a staple event each and every weekend. No matter what the occasion, bars and restaurants throughout the City are packed with groups of people ready for their fill of Bloody Mary's, mimosas and their weekly catch up session.

We are certainly not short of places to eat and drink here in SF, but sometimes you just want to know the best places to dine, and luckily for you, Eater SF is here to help. They have compiled a list of what they consider to be the essential brunch spots in San Francisco, and with options scattered across the City there is more than likely one not too far from your front door!

Take a look at Eater SF's recommendations here and let us know what you think! We

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